TV series of 2016 you may Like to Download

Shadowhunters is a story about the eighteen years old girl named Clary Fray, a common girl who suddenly for herself recognizes that she belongs to the mysterious nature of Shadowhunters – a mysterious organization, which protects the people from the demons, evil messengers, creations of darkness and other mischief that has adopted human guises and captivated the whole world. During the clashes taking place in a nightclub, between hunters and demons, Clary accidentally kills one of the young men, who turns out to be a monster.  Shadowhunters
Unable to understand what is happening, she comes to her mother for answers, but she feels the impending danger and teleports Clary out of the apartment. Now our heroine should figure out the mystery of her origin, as well as to try to find the missing mother with the help of Shadowhunter Jason and his friend Simon.  If you are looking were to download these tv shows, check on of those tv series blogs. The best one to download series is Telly Series web site.


The Shannara Chronicles

The Shannara Chronicles is a TV series the events of which take place at the end of the XIX century on the planet when there is a wave of devastating wars, known as the Great Wars as a result of which most of the world’s population dies and the rest coming under devastating effects of chemical and biological weapons, has undergone irreversible mutation and only few people managed to maintain their original form. The culmination was a large-scale nuclear bombing which has forever changed the landscape of the earth and completely destroyed the former civilization of people.shannare chronicles
The action takes place in a world called Four Lands, located in an area formerly known as North America. South territory is inhabited by people who have formed the Federation of exhibiting unwarranted aggression towards members of non-human blood. Western lands are taken by the elves, ancient nation hiding from the people for thousands years, which began to enter into contact only after the events of the Great War. Without a special susceptibility to magic, having lost the immortality during the evolution, the elves live in the woods healing others. The northern part of the continent is inhabited by trolls, warlike descendants of mutants that are strongly affected by radiation, but got great strength, growth and incredibly strong skin. On the East there are dwarves, descendants of mutants, hiding during the war deep into the earth. In the course of evolution, they have received low stocky body, adapted for life in the underground environment, but after getting out to the surface after the war and becoming excellent hunters, modern dwarves have an aversion to their former way of life. The main characters of the series will be descendants of the ancient elven kind of Shannara from which will now depend the future fate of the planet, which happened to be in mortal danger because of the threat of invasion of demons from another world.