Finished shooting a TV series Netflix and Marvel’s “The Defenders”

Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke cage and Iron fist combine to work together on the streets of new York.
the defenders
On Sunday, March 19, was captured the last pictures of the series “the Defenders.” I must say that the work on the project took a lot of time: shooting started in October.

About the plot of the series there is no accurate information. It is assumed that the order of evil magicians ninja Hand will be one of the main antagonists of the project. Sigourney weaver, which plays the role of the villain, managed to keep silence and not to talk about her character.

The time of the release of the series on Netflix is still not published. Usually post-production of TV series Marvel lasts 3-4 months, so it is likely that we will see “the Defenders” this summer.

As for published this weekend of the series “Iron fist”, according to critics, he definitely failed. As the hero Finn Jones, who hardly fights in the frame, into the company of heroes Charlie Cox, Kristen Ritter and Mike Colter is the big question. Also you can now download lucifer season 2 directly from the Netflix streaming service.

The rumor of the week: Studio Disney will buy Netflix

The deal will help the company to occupy a leading position in the market of streaming services.
About the possibility of a future merger was reported by Tech Crunch. According to the publication, Disney CEO Bob iger in 2018, will retire and his place will be the current head of Netflix reed Hastings.

Previously, Netflix shares have risen by 5%, amid speculation of a possible takeover.

Netflix and Disney are now together engaged in the development of the series “the Defenders,” based on Marvel comics (previously the service was launched three shows dedicated to the heroes of the publishing house).

In addition, in 2012, the company entered into an agreement by which the service since September of 2016 received the first show of the new production studios in the United States. The first of the disney project, whose premiere exclusively on Netflix, was “Zeropolis”.

The sum of the future transaction has not been disclosed.

Also recently, the communications conglomerate AT&T Corporation bought Time Warner for $ 85 billion.
Disney this year has set a record for the world’s fees, the fastest in history to pick up the bar at $ 6 billion.