Parade’s End

Parade’s End is a drama series filmed by the British film director Susanna White based on the series of novels written by English writer and critic Ford Madox Ford.
The events of the series take place at the sunset of the so-called “”Edwardian”” era when Edward VII was on the British throne. It was quite a difficult time, because during that period of time crucial events that forever changed the fate of many people have been taking place. English aristocrat Christopher Tidzhens decides to marry a woman named Sylvia, who has success in “”higher layers”” of society and actively participates in social life. At that moment, he could not even imagine what would be the consequences of this marriage for him. Soon they have a baby which, as it turns out, may be not his. However, despite the infidelity of the spouse, Christopher decides to be faithful to his wife till the end of his life. After a while he meets a young girl Valentina Uonnop who is a bright representative of the suffragette movement. Christopher simply entangled in the relationships between his wife and insidious quite young suffragette who has won his heart by naivety.

The X-Files

The X-Files is a long awaited continuation of the world famous series in which Fox Mulder and Dana Scully turn out to be together again after the break which lasted for about thirteen years.
While performing the investigation with the purpose of preventing the upcoming plot as a result of which there will be used one of the most powerful nuclear weapons would be used so that to provoke the international military conflict. The major characters will find out that there is an influential international group of people which stands behind this. These people have unique extraterrestrial technologies which are carefully hidden by the American government for already seventy years. Mulder and Scully are ready to have a risk and find out the truth which is in fact somewhere nearby despite the fact that they understand that there is a constant chase and someone powerful controls their every step.