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Anyone who knows about negative entries in the Credit Bureau or fears that such dark points are registered in the payment history, will often apply for a loan immediately without Credit Bureau. Rational is not this behavior, because with or without Credit Bureau – a credit check takes place before any credit agreement, if you do not lend the money just in the family or friends. With Credit Bureau, the conditions are by no means worse, in most cases even better. And rejection of a loan can be salutary if it shows a way out of over-indebtedness.

What the Credit Bureau knows about you

What the Credit Bureau knows about you

More than eight hundred million records for nearly seventy million people and five million companies are stored at Credit Bureau. Data protectors, the Credit Bureau is just as a thorn in the eye as credit interested parties whose application for a Credit Bureau information has been rejected before. Before making a loan application, you should know what Credit Bureau has stored about you, so you may be able to correct or delete any erroneous data.

The information required by the Federal Data Protection Act must be provided to Credit Bureau free of charge on request once a year. However, the Credit Bureau does not make it easy for you – the document is only available by post and only comes with a few weeks delay. It goes online faster, but that makes the Credit Bureau pay, either once or as a subscription.

Think carefully about whether you really need this performance. From the stored data, a base score and various industry scores are calculated. For the lending especially the bank score is interesting. According to a point system, a credit rating between A (0.85% default risk) and M (34.75% default risk) is determined.

Banks are required to conduct a credit check

Banks are required to conduct a credit check

The German financial institutions use the Credit Bureau bank score in order to comply with their legal obligation to check the creditworthiness of consumer credit in particular. Similar regulations exist throughout the EU and in many other countries. If it is not the Credit Bureau, then it is other business information services that examine the applicants. So no one comes without a credit check, by the way also not with personal loans, as they are mediated by Best Lender, Cream Bank or Capital Lender. So what speaks against accepting the Credit Bureau query?

The circle of providers is higher, confidence strengthened, interest rates usually cheaper. If a lender rejects the application for the Credit Bureau entries, it should be reason enough to think – about its own diligence in money matters, but also about the current debt level. Instead of a new loan, which is needed immediately and without Credit Bureau, a sound rescheduling of all existing obligations for a longer installment loan would be the appropriate and also cheaper solution.

7 important points to apply for a personal payday loan


Requesting a loan is something that, sooner or later, you can find yourself doing at least once in your life. Even if you are the biggest savers in the world, you may always find financing needed : to buy a new machine , for a new refrigerator, or to finance the expense of a degree course or a trip .

If you have never applied for funding, there may be some ” dark ” points to which you may wish to find an answer. In this article, therefore, we will address and explain the key factors to take into consideration to find the best personal payday loans, the ones that best suit your needs. and circumstances.

What do you need?

What do you need?

The first thing is to know the purpose of the loan so that you know the type of financing to seek . It is not the same to apply for a loan to buy a car or to follow a course of study. The difference could lie in the interest rate, in the total amount of money that can be asked for or in the method of repayment (for example, the transfer of the fifth is repaid in a different way compared to a personal payday loan ).

Analyze the loan market

With the internet, everything is very easy. You can simply visit the various sites and comparators to find the banks that offer the best loans on the market, what are the characteristics and conditions of the financing. In this way you can get a better idea of ​​what the market offers in the personal payday loan sector.

Calculate the monthly installment of the loan

Carrying out the calculation of the loan installment is important because you can have a better and more precise idea of ​​how much to pay month after month. In the calculation of the monthly fee, other ancillary expenses, such as opening or managing the case and loan insurance must also be included.

An important decision is the one concerning the percentage of monthly budget to be allocated to the repayment of the monthly installment. Usually you should not reserve a percentage greater than 20% of your monthly budget to the amount of the loan installment.

Do not forget the interest rate

Do not forget the interest rate

Generally, personal payday loans have an interest rate of between 8% and 12%. The key thing in choosing a loan is to opt for the one at the lowest possible rate. To be considered that the comparison must be made using the APR ( Effective Annual Global Rate ) because this is the interest rate which includes all the ancillary costs associated with a loan (excluding the cost of loan insurance, which is optional except for the transfers of the fifth, for which instead they are mandatory coverages).

Remember that there are two types of interest: the APR and the TAN.

Remember that there are two types of interest: the APR and the TAN.

The APR (annual percentage rate of charge) is the interest rate that indicates the overall expense of a financial loan. The APR is calculated according to a mathematical formula which takes into consideration the nominal interest rate of the loan, the repayment frequency of the installments (monthly, quarterly, etc.) and ancillary costs.

The TAN is the cost that a loan has only and exclusively for the interest rate.

Don’t forget the ancillary costs

Loans have many associated expenses, the most common are:

  • cost of opening the loan : the expense related to the opening of the loan contract is usually calculated as a percentage of the sum requested (there may be a minimum). Although not all banks say so, these charges are not to be incurred if the bank refuses to grant the loan
  • loan repayment cost : an expense that is calculated as a percentage of the amount of money repaid early. Usually this value is equal to 1%. in any case, it can never be greater than the interest cost to be paid in the event that the loan continues to be repaid
  • installment collection fees : these are periodic costs that must be borne for each installment that you pay. They represent the expenses that the credit institution incurs when collecting the installment

Read the contract carefully

As you do with any financial product, it is essential to read the contract carefully before signing , even the smallest indications.

If you have questions or don’t understand something you should always ask before signing.

The law protects you

A final point that many people are unaware of is that the law allows you to repay the loan at no cost and without explanation within 14 days of signing the contract . If, on the other hand, the contract has been executed, even partially, the customer has 30 days to withdraw by repaying the capital obtained, the interest accrued up to that period and the costs that the bank has incurred.

If you have other questions, tell us in the comments, we will be happy to help you.