Walking Dead Ratings Falling Down

Season 7 of the “Walking Dead” season gathered 17.03 million viewers in October, becoming the second most popular after the premiere of season 5. But since then, less and less viewers are coming back to see what happens in the series on.the-walking-dead-season-7-spoilers

Ratings fell sharply already in the second series of the season, when the screens returned to 12.46 million. And the sixth series was watched already by 10.40 million spectators – such a low indicator for “Walking Dead” tv show was not seen since season 3. But then this number at least increased, but did not fall.

Why do people stop watching and downloading this show?

A sharp fall in ratings could serve as the outcome of the very premiere series of Season 7, you can download The Walking Dead (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) when two of the permanent favorite characters were killed at once. The audience notes that the series has become very depressed, and also the reason for the decline in the popularity of “Walking Dead” can be that its plot shared the main group of survivors, that some central characters like Carol, who was not seen on the screen from the second series, will disappear for a long time From the field of view, and that in their absence a lot of new people are introduced into the narrative, which do not cause viewers special affection and empathy.

Let’s see how the ratings of the series will behave further, then the next series will stop their fall, although in the middle of the season anything can happen. In previous years, they fell at such a time, then again grew.

Finished shooting a TV series Netflix and Marvel’s “The Defenders”

Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke cage and Iron fist combine to work together on the streets of new York.
the defenders
On Sunday, March 19, was captured the last pictures of the series “the Defenders.” I must say that the work on the project took a lot of time: shooting started in October.

About the plot of the series there is no accurate information. It is assumed that the order of evil magicians ninja Hand will be one of the main antagonists of the project. Sigourney weaver, which plays the role of the villain, managed to keep silence and not to talk about her character.

The time of the release of the series on Netflix is still not published. Usually post-production of TV series Marvel lasts 3-4 months, so it is likely that we will see “the Defenders” this summer.

As for published this weekend of the series “Iron fist”, according to critics, he definitely failed. As the hero Finn Jones, who hardly fights in the frame, into the company of heroes Charlie Cox, Kristen Ritter and Mike Colter is the big question. Also you can now download lucifer season 2 directly from the Netflix streaming service.

The rumor of the week: Studio Disney will buy Netflix

The deal will help the company to occupy a leading position in the market of streaming services.
About the possibility of a future merger was reported by Tech Crunch. According to the publication, Disney CEO Bob iger in 2018, will retire and his place will be the current head of Netflix reed Hastings.

Previously, Netflix shares have risen by 5%, amid speculation of a possible takeover.

Netflix and Disney are now together engaged in the development of the series “the Defenders,” based on Marvel comics (previously the service was launched three shows dedicated to the heroes of the publishing house).

In addition, in 2012, the company entered into an agreement by which the service since September of 2016 received the first show of the new production studios in the United States. The first of the disney project, whose premiere exclusively on Netflix, was “Zeropolis”.

The sum of the future transaction has not been disclosed.

Also recently, the communications conglomerate AT&T Corporation bought Time Warner for $ 85 billion.
Disney this year has set a record for the world’s fees, the fastest in history to pick up the bar at $ 6 billion.

TV series of 2016 you may Like to Download

Shadowhunters is a story about the eighteen years old girl named Clary Fray, a common girl who suddenly for herself recognizes that she belongs to the mysterious nature of Shadowhunters – a mysterious organization, which protects the people from the demons, evil messengers, creations of darkness and other mischief that has adopted human guises and captivated the whole world. During the clashes taking place in a nightclub, between hunters and demons, Clary accidentally kills one of the young men, who turns out to be a monster.  Shadowhunters
Unable to understand what is happening, she comes to her mother for answers, but she feels the impending danger and teleports Clary out of the apartment. Now our heroine should figure out the mystery of her origin, as well as to try to find the missing mother with the help of Shadowhunter Jason and his friend Simon.  If you are looking were to download these tv shows, check on of those tv series blogs. The best one to download series is Telly Series web site.


The Shannara Chronicles

The Shannara Chronicles is a TV series the events of which take place at the end of the XIX century on the planet when there is a wave of devastating wars, known as the Great Wars as a result of which most of the world’s population dies and the rest coming under devastating effects of chemical and biological weapons, has undergone irreversible mutation and only few people managed to maintain their original form. The culmination was a large-scale nuclear bombing which has forever changed the landscape of the earth and completely destroyed the former civilization of people.shannare chronicles
The action takes place in a world called Four Lands, located in an area formerly known as North America. South territory is inhabited by people who have formed the Federation of exhibiting unwarranted aggression towards members of non-human blood. Western lands are taken by the elves, ancient nation hiding from the people for thousands years, which began to enter into contact only after the events of the Great War. Without a special susceptibility to magic, having lost the immortality during the evolution, the elves live in the woods healing others. The northern part of the continent is inhabited by trolls, warlike descendants of mutants that are strongly affected by radiation, but got great strength, growth and incredibly strong skin. On the East there are dwarves, descendants of mutants, hiding during the war deep into the earth. In the course of evolution, they have received low stocky body, adapted for life in the underground environment, but after getting out to the surface after the war and becoming excellent hunters, modern dwarves have an aversion to their former way of life. The main characters of the series will be descendants of the ancient elven kind of Shannara from which will now depend the future fate of the planet, which happened to be in mortal danger because of the threat of invasion of demons from another world.



Parade’s End

Parade’s End is a drama series filmed by the British film director Susanna White based on the series of novels written by English writer and critic Ford Madox Ford.
The events of the series take place at the sunset of the so-called “”Edwardian”” era when Edward VII was on the British throne. It was quite a difficult time, because during that period of time crucial events that forever changed the fate of many people have been taking place. English aristocrat Christopher Tidzhens decides to marry a woman named Sylvia, who has success in “”higher layers”” of society and actively participates in social life. At that moment, he could not even imagine what would be the consequences of this marriage for him. Soon they have a baby which, as it turns out, may be not his. However, despite the infidelity of the spouse, Christopher decides to be faithful to his wife till the end of his life. After a while he meets a young girl Valentina Uonnop who is a bright representative of the suffragette movement. Christopher simply entangled in the relationships between his wife and insidious quite young suffragette who has won his heart by naivety.

The X-Files

The X-Files is a long awaited continuation of the world famous series in which Fox Mulder and Dana Scully turn out to be together again after the break which lasted for about thirteen years.
While performing the investigation with the purpose of preventing the upcoming plot as a result of which there will be used one of the most powerful nuclear weapons would be used so that to provoke the international military conflict. The major characters will find out that there is an influential international group of people which stands behind this. These people have unique extraterrestrial technologies which are carefully hidden by the American government for already seventy years. Mulder and Scully are ready to have a risk and find out the truth which is in fact somewhere nearby despite the fact that they understand that there is a constant chase and someone powerful controls their every step.